For the love of SAREES As the new year’s wishes settle down its time to gear up for festivals all over India… festivals that honour the change of seasons. Whether we are celebrating Pongal, Lohri or Sankranti, let’s do so by donning the most eternally elegant ensemble of all- the SAREE! An unstitched piece of fabric so versatile that …

MAN made

While it may take some time to procure this habit and acquire perfection in the art of dressing well… this blog attempts to get you started with some foundation items, timeless pieces of clothing that’ll help you build a closet full of sustainable items that can be styled for all occasions.

Hair There, Gone tomorrow!

We spend loads of money to channel our inner Rapunzels, little do we recognise the great responsibility that comes with great hair. So, even if you are a product junkie or fore runner in the “leave the hair alone” squad, here are a few things to keep in mind so as to keep your crowning glory as luxurious as it were, because when it comes to hair care, precaution is definitely better than the product!!

Banishing the Wardrobe Blues !!!

There are enough blogs, shopping adverts and glossy magazines that woo us into buying more clothes. Yet there are next to none resources that actually teach a us what to do with these clothes once we get them home. The second you decide that you are done with the endless cycle of having a ton of clothes and nothing to wear is the time to take the tough decision to have a workable wardrobe! Now decluttering a wardrobe might seem like an arduous task but trust me it’s going to leave you feeling much lighter and sorted…for life!

Shopping Made Easy

Simple do's and dont's for your shopping expeditions to make sure all your shopping sprees culminate in happy endings!

Dressing a Taller, Slimmer You!

Styling, if done right is nothing short of magic! It can create various illusions and successfully detract the observers eye to look somewhere else other than the problem areas. Play your cards right and you are in for a complete body transformation. So, let’s get started and dress a Taller and Slimmer you.

Smile Mommy – You’ve Still Got The Style

As moms we make a lot of sacrifices and we trade in a lot of ourselves for the joys of motherhood, but ladies there’s absolutely no need to trade in our style quotient too!!! Here are some tried and tested tips to look good in a jiffy and bring back the style quotient....